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 LSMD Staff Roster

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LSMD Staff Roster Empty
PostSubject: LSMD Staff Roster   LSMD Staff Roster EmptyMon Jan 06, 2014 1:01 am

LSMD Staff Roster X9Jk2
Los Santos Medical Department
       All Saints General Hospital Office • 536th All Saints Boulevard • Market • Los Santos SA


LSMD Staff Roster

Chief of LS-EMS
Gustavo Johnson
LSMD Staff Roster 158-50

Assistant Chief
Kelvin Carelton
LSMD Staff Roster 126-5
Stevanio Charlotte
LSMD Staff Roster 83-36
Antoneo Gianluca
LSMD Staff Roster 316-37
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LSMD Staff Roster
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